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Mission Thome is doing well despite the drought still plaguing the region.  However, there has been wide spread crop failure in the area and many are suffering from malnourishment.  To address this issue, we have implemented an emergency food supplement program for approximately 75 families in the immediate vicinity of the Mission.  In addition, we have begun construction of a water storage tank that will serve to supply a drip irrigation system to water larger fields of corn, beans, and other vegetables as well as the coffee trees.


Help us finish the water tank and next classroom!

The water tank for irrigation as well as the next classroom for the school are well underway.  Sponsorship for these projects not only helps complete construction, but it brings the Mission one step closer to becoming self-sufficient.    Donate through PayPal


Founded in 2011 as an organization dedicated to helping the people in Thome, Kenya and surrounding areas.  Mission Thome helps the community by providing a church, a school for education and nourishment, community health/education initiatives, and community water/agricultural projects.


We exist to rescue people through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Gospel Rescue Mission Church

School programs for education and nourishment

Community health and education initiatives

Community water and agricultural projects